The Principle of the Community

I. The main target of The Community of the Blessed Eusebius  is to support the Order of the Saint Paul the First Hermit by prayers in all possible ways of its activities. This continual prayers that are undertaken for the pauline’s monks not only create a special bond between the members of the community and the monks but also take a form of the spiritual participation in the Order's apostolic mission. Those who feel the responsibility for the actions taken in the Order become its real friends. The members of the Community take a special care (prayer) for:

1. The case of vocations to the Order and a whole religious formation: young people discerning their vocation, novices, brethrens and clergyman.

2. All monks and ask God for  perseverance in their vocation just to be able to live according to the pauline's charism "alone with God".

II. A father chosen by a General Superior is a moderator responsible for the Community. His duties are:

1. To negotiate with the General Superior tasks and initiatives that are undertaken and to give an annual report from his doings.

2. The care of the realisation of the formal and spiritual tasks.  

III. The Community fulfills its mission in smaller groups, in which the chosen people chair the groups.  The order of admission to the Community indicates the person who is responsible for the group. This rule does not  work when the General Superior or the moderator indicates  a priest to the group.   The rule mentioned above works when at least some people gather near the Monasteries  in all countries where paulines live or where there is a desire to pray.

IV. If you  want to join the Community you have to choose a constant prayer and declare that you will pray it in a concrete day every month. If you want to leave the Community send your resignation.

V. The person who joins the Community specifies the day and  the form of the prayer him/herself. It is worth recommendation to live in a sanctifying grace, take the sacraments especially the Eucharist at the day of the prayer for the Order. A rosary prayer, the doings of the penance or works of mercy are optional ways of supporting the Order.

VI. Apart from the day you have chosen to pray for the Order, the members of the Community commit themselves to pray at days that are important for the Order: January 15th- Feast of St. Paul the First Hermit, March 25th - the solemnity of Annunciation of the Lord, August 26th the day of worshipping our Lady of Częstochowa,  the day of taking the veil, vows of a religious order and ordination.

VII. The patron of the Community is the Blessed Eusebius founder of the Pauline's Order.

VIII. The Community's patronal feast is the recollection of the Blessed Eusebius in January 20th.

IX. The members of the Community also pray one for another just to remain at spiritual communion.

X. The members of the Community also pass a message on to the moderator about the death of one of the members. The priceless gift for the departed person is the  donation of the Holy Mass.